Hiring a JavaScript developer in Shanghai!

Build MiniPrograms at RIKAI Labs! Mar 9, 2018

Build Cool MiniPrograms at RIKAI Labs!

RIKAI Labs is looking for a WeChat MiniProgram Developer! We're building our own internal framework to enable dynamic apps inside MPs, called "MiniBots" https://www.rikailabs.com/minibot

About you:

If you're familiar with Vue or React, and want to apply some of those patterns to MiniProgram development, you've come to the right place!

Your role will be extending our in-house MiniProgram framework, adding new components that are used by the MP authoring team.

We have a distributed team, working over Slack and WeChat. However, we'd really like someone in Shanghai. We use both English and Chinese.

You'll be working directly with the CTO and our content team to create an internal framework that we can use for developing multiple miniprograms. This will also talk to our server-side tools for natural language processing, analytics, and business logic.

RIKAI Labs has a deep technology stack so there's lots of opportunity to learn new things here!

About Us:

RIKAI Labs is one of Shanghai's top tech startups. Backed by ChinAccelerator and 500 startups, we build chatbots for WeChat.

We've built bots for companies like VISA and Metlife, startups like 247tickets, and we also provide our own "TeacherBot" wechat account to learn english with an AI teacher.


David 'DC' Collier, CTO