The Seven Year Shift

RIKAI Labs was founded around the idea that every 7 years a big platform shift comes along that creates a huge opportunity for new businesses.

From the CD-ROM era, to the web, mobile apps and now everyone is spending their time inside Messaging Apps. Whether it's Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, LINE in Japan, or the biggest gorilla of all - WeChat in China with over 1BN addicted monthly users.

Chat Apps

So we built a platform to deliver what we call "Chat Applications" - realtime messaging at the core but integrating all the features of conventional apps via inline widgets.


The most natural fit for this new "Conversational UI" platform is... conversation! So we decided to build "TeacherBot" an AI robot to let China's 400M English language learners practice English in a fun and convenient manner.

We Want a Chatbot too!

In building the technology to support TeacherBot, other companies approached us and asked us to build chatbots for them too. And so RIKAI Labs "Bots as a Service" (BaaS) business was born, and since then we have gone on to build bots for many companies big and small!

Find out how you can get started with a bot here!